Chic and stylish, Mitriki is a Portuguese brand that carefully considers its identity. Where simplicity explores, energizes and embellishes home furnishings.

The basic form is the backbone to each piece. Conception moves gracefully, always evolving through various phases and materials. Its journey is restless although fully observant and is always transforming, exploring and materializing into something living and telling.

Mitriki is delicate and sensual yet carries a vigorous intense personality. It is a narrative that hovers between tranquility and emotion, between the genuine and the misleading, between the tenacious and the delicate, between the control and the explosion, between precision and artistic flexibility.

Resisting the ‘lab brand’ approach, it strives to be sophisticated and relaxed, creative and confident. Mitriki seeks the future, to touch base with modern trends as well as travelling to the past. It values its visual identity, with a collection of stories, moments and everyday experiences projected onto something physical and practical.

Each object has a why, a story that gave birth to it and a story to tell. Modern yet handmade walk side by side together as partners in a passionate fortified journey.

Mitriki’s pieces are made of the finest fabrics and noble ma terials such as masssive oak wood; exquisite marbles; metal details such as brass and iron; superior wood veneers and lacquers. Plenty of Mitriki details are handcrafted, such as carved woods, hammered and brushed metals. The wood grains are worked in such a way that we can feel its texture. Mitriki’s textures are designed and crafted in such a way that we can feel the comfort of the brand.